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          ●Chemical Formula



          Acrylamide is mainly used for producing water-insoluble polymer, the finished product polyacrylamide by which can be used as additives to improve oil recovery; used as a flocculant, the thickening agent and paper additives. The small amount of Acrylamide is introduced to the hydrophilic center into the lipophilic polymer in order to improve viscosity, softening point and increase the resin solvent resistance, and a center can be introduced by the color of the dye. Acrylamide has often been used as a component of the photosensitive polymer. In addition, Acrylamide can also be used in the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes, painting intermediates. It is applied to adjust the water injection profile for oilfield injection wells ,with initiator etc. which is mixed and injected into the high permeability zone of injection wells.

          ●Delivery and Storage

          It must be transported by specialized tanker truck with the designed tank farm to the implementation of the management of hazardous chemicals. Keep the storage temperature at below 15 degrees Celsius.

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