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          The oil is China's important energy and chemical raw materials, has a pivotal position in the national economy. The polymer volume used for flooding the oil in China ranks first in the world, and China has become the world's largest polymer flooding country. At present, the international crude oil price continues to rise, and meanwhile the countries take measures to stimulate crude oil exploitation. EOR will be the core flooding technology to Polyacrylamide oilfield-led development and enters a period of rapid development.

          , III reservoir resources formation temperature is in the 70-95 °C, while formation salinity is in the 10000-30000 mg /l with 800 mg / l of divalent ions .With the use of regular polyacrylamide under these conditions, there will be serious thermal degradation, the degree of hydrolysis increasing, the case of multi-charged ions combined with precipitation and other issues, the effect of variation of the tackifier. Our polyacrylamide for Temperature and salt resistance in this class reservoir conditions can meet the requirements of viscosity, temperature, salinity and shear performance of flooding.

          Recommended products: GH7525 GH7520

          Polyacrylamide is widely used in oil exploration, profile control, plugging agent, drilling fluids, fracturing fluids additives. For Drop in drilling fluid loss, flocculation, shale inhibition, dilution, plugging, cooling and lubricating the drill bit and drill string, carrying debris, cementing well it also plays an important role in these applications.

          Recommended products: N632, N682, A6512, A3515

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