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          Polyacrylamide as a water-soluble polymer, has a good flocculation, is widely used in various industries.



          ●Coal washing

          It is able to promote the rapid settlement of slime, the clarification of slurry and water recycling.

          ●Incense Making

          Polyacrylamide with a strong adhesive force, can enhance the bending force and scalability of incense.


          Polyacrylamide as textile auxiliary can be used as a textile coating slurry sizing can reduce the loom short head and shedding, which helps to enhance the antistatic properties of textiles.


          In addition to the mentioned Coal Washing Industry, Polyacrylamide is also widely used in the mining of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Nickel and other minerals, as well as the settlement industry of Bauxite Alumina red mud.

          ●Sugar Making

          Polyacrylamide in the sugar industry is applied to accelerate the sedimentation of Cane sugar juice and sugar to clarify. Currently, Polyacrylamide used in the most of the sugar mills is generated after the copolymerization polymer of Acrylamide and Acrylic acid. The modern sugar production industry to flocculant selection has an important parameter, which is the content of its residual monomer.



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